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those are AWSOME!!! Where'd you get the apliques? Great job!:D

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Aww shucks. :eek: :D Thanks guys! I wasn't completely pleased with all of them but now I guess maybe I was just being too hard on myself.

The appliques came from assorted places - Michael's, Lowe's, Hobby Lobby. Some are wood, some are foam stamps.

The lettering didn't take that long to carve but it took forever to get them stenciled on the foam. I printed them out and, using the same technique for my pumpkins, I poked little holes all around the letters leaving their outlines on the foam. I then used a rotary tool to carve them. I had never used one before so I spent a few hours practicing on some scrap foam. Pretty easy.

The paint was done using several techniques. I based painted all of them using either light or dark gray latex paint.
Stones 1 and 4 were dry brushed with a contrasting color and then gone back over with an almost dry rag roller.
Stone 2 was covered with FleckStone and then had the edges sprayed lightly with black spray paint.
On stone 3 I used a nearly dry roller and just randomly rolled it over the surface.
Stone 5 was also covered with FleckStone but I highlighted the edges and the letters with light gray instead of black.
The weathering on 1-4 was done with watered down black acrylic paint and a small stiff paint brush.

Keeba's instructions were a huge help to me, even though I didn't get to try any of her cool techniques (warping or the waterhose stuff :(). Here's a link to her website if you haven't already bookmarked it! ;) Keebas tombstones

Thanks again for all the nice compliments!
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