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Ok, so I was at my parents house (where we decorate cuz apartments just suck for decorating), and I was laying out the PVC/Wood Fencing I created, to figure out the lengths and get it ready for this weekend!

As I was out there in the BLAZING hot California sun this afternoon, ALL of the neighbors had to stop and ask me about my fencing. They all know that our house is THE place to be for Halloween, so naturally me out there in September got their curiosity in peak form. And of course the silver we stressed the PVC and Wood with had a glint of sparkle to it that can be seen all the way down the street... Thanks Nancy (my best friend!)

Not a single one thought I was sane, but they all thought it was awesome. It made me feel REALLY good about Halloween, and totally put me in the mood! I can't wait until Saturday afternoon when we get home from the pumpkin patch to actually start decorating!

Also one of my oldest and best friends who lives in Chicago is FINALLY coming out to California. I have NEVER met him, but I talk to him every single day (and have known him via txt, email, telephone, internet for almost 17 years!!!!), and finally convinced him that Cali is the place to be for Halloween...It seems like this is the year with the ultimate Halloween!!! (despite every single retailer trying RUIN it with crappy recycled costumes, candy and decor from last year!)

I just had to share in my joy. It's been such a depressing season so far, I wasn't sure how much I was going to be into it all this year...but now it seems I've caught a bug... a big fly that is eating a spider and baring it's Fangs and im pretty excited! (Speaking of Fangs... I found some WICKED awesome theatrical fangs while searching through the garage today... They are brand new, never been opened!)

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Good for you! Awesome that you've got a friend coming to see you too. :)

I still haven't gotten excited about it... hoping I find my spark soon. :eek:

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I too am starting to get jazzed especially looking over this site. I'm planning also to put up my new fencing this weekend. Much like last year I put everything out in stages just to get the neighbors wondering "what next, is there more?". This year I have so much more to display since I've been doing a little something at least every weekend since last December. LOL

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I love Oogie! I've been feeling depressed about Halloween but, I'm slowly coming around. The stuff I wanted to do just didn't come to be so I'm throwing everything into what I have done. Also, going to the movie theater the other day I saw that NBC is coming out again in 3d. I'll have to watch my version and that will always put me in the mood and I have the cd in my truck.
My hubby told me last week that one of the neighbors was asking what I was going to do for Halloween this year since he saw all the wood in the yard. He told him it was a "surprise". lol
So far I've finished up my 3 of my fencing (don't know if I'll make all 5 this year), my witch for my truck, the bottomless pit (except for the mirrors), my mib coffin, and most of my scarecrows.
Way to go on the Oogie, I'm really jealous. I might try my hand at doing Jack over the winter.
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