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Hello all!!!
The past two years, I have been making video loops that I use (televisions/projectors) for our yearly Halloween party/outdoor decorations. I decided this year since I was making them anyway, may as well see if anyone else is interested in using them for their home haunt or party. I started a site called Final Boo Productions to sell them. This year we are doing a Psycho Circus theme, so the first three products available are a Creepy/Kooky Carny, a Psycho Clown, and a Zombie Voodoo Ringmaster. They come as digital download mp4 files. They can be purchased individually ($5-$6) or as a collection. ($10-$15) All you really need is your television/DVD player to get started. (file will need to be placed on a DVD or thumb drive) Please check out the Final Boo Productions YouTube Page for full demos of each of the loops.

Final Boo Productions Website:

YouTube Page: (demos)

Thanks for stopping by and happy haunting!!!!


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