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Fence Finials

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I have some extra Fence Finials leftover from building my fence. These work great on 1/2" PVC as long as you heat the end of the PVC with a heat gun and give it a little crimp. They are on solidly.

Each box contains 100 plastic finials. They are $50.00 per box plus $12.65 flat rate shipping for a total of $62.35 for 100 finials.

Payment via Paypal.

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PM sent. I'll take a box
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Wish I had the money. The CFO (Wife) has informed me that we have already exceeded our annual budget by 10%.
At the prices the OP quoted, they come to $0.62 each
At the prices the OP quoted, they come to $0.62 each
40 should qualify for a reduced "bulk" rate ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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