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Felt board jack-o-lanterns

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Hey all,
I've been designing a set of felt board pieces for my kid to make jack-o-lanterns, cause this seems like a good use of felt boards.
Before I let my kid loose on these, I was thinking a trial run would be useful. Most of the work for me is in design, and cutting extra sets is no big deal.
So, do you have kids of an age that would enjoy a felt board jack-o-lantern set? Would you post pictures here of what they create and share feedback on the set?

First two people to say yes, and privately send me their addresses, will get a set mailed to them.
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What is a felt board jack o lantern set?
OH that's super cute!! I don't have kids but I think my aunt's grandkids would love it. PM'ing now!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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