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Feeling uninspired - Need some ideas

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I have been preparing costumes for the family for weeks and just never really focused on myself. Now I'm getting down to the wire, and to be honest I don't have a clue what to do for myself. :confused:

We have a theme this years of monsters. Sounds simple right? So far we have
Bride of Frankenstein
Headless Horseman (I guess he counts as a monster)

And then me. I did a vampire last year and didn't really want to do it again. The werewolf didn't really appeal to me too much. I could do a witch, but we doing Wizard of Oz next year and I already called Wicked Witch.

Can you offer any ideas? Something pretty simple (as time is short and my skills level is novice). Or maybe a different take on something that I thought would be boring (like the vampire again?)

Thanks everyone
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Ok, just wrote a big long thing thinking you were talking yard decorations. I never did do very well reading for content.

Mummy would be an option, wrap yourself in cheesecloth. My wife did this years ago according to a Martha Steward recipe and glued the stuff to her face using corn syrup or something an it hurt like hell. Takes some thought to make it convenient for bathroom breaks though.
Scarecrow? Grim Reaper? Elvira/Morticia/Vampira? Weeping Angel from Doctor Who? Medusa is always a good one too.
Oooh! And if you like to get creative with makeup, the creepy doll thing can be really intense if done right. There's been some great examples on the forum. I know haunted dolls aren't "name" monsters, but they're definitely a horror staple.
The doll idea is interesting. So is medusa. I didn't think of either of those. I will look around at some older posts and see what I can dig up. Thanks the the ideas!
It Wouldnt Hurt To Throw A Zombie Or Two In There. Zombies Are Like Cheese....Everything Goes Good With Them.
I just thought of this today at a Halloween themed 5K when I saw two people walk up in scrubs.

Buy a set of scrubs (nurse, medical doctor uniforms) and splatter them with brownish, bloodish, blackish poop like looking material and be a proctologist. Also get some on your face. Maybe even have a name tag made with your name and practice (proctology) so people will get it.

In case you're wondering, one of my friends, who wears many hats in the hospital, has actually had a patient poop (violent diarrhea) all over his scrub top. Yes, it would be really gross but it's Halloween!

#4 on this buzz feed list is a Medusa headband that looks pretty cool.
Just an FYI because I was Medusa last year and it was incredibly difficult to find rubber snakes. I ended up having to ask a teacher friend to order them from some teacher-discount website, and they were all different neon colors so I had to paint the suckers... BUT I did see some snakes at my local CVS yesterday, grouped with like the plastic mice and plastic spider packs on an endcap. So if you end up going with Medusa, check CVS for snakes!

Just a few additional ideas - the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia might be a fun twist on a witch costume, or how about going as an alleged historical monster-- Lizzie Borden with blood splattered clothes and axe?

edited to add: Have you ever seen this costume for a googly eyed monster face? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/471048442250067040/ My roommate has a real eyeball phobia which makes me so tempted to use this costume someday, but she'd also probably kill me if I did...
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What about the girl from the movie The Ring? You could wear a portable well around you. Historical? How about Bloody Mary or Bathory? Vengeful Greek/Roman goddess? If all else fails you can make your self look like the victim of being impaled by a pitchfork, broom stick, weather vane, alien fetus, road sign ect.
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