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The typically recommended (and discontinued) Dayton motor is 6 rpm's. Personally, i think the fcg's using them are a little slow for my tastes. With the intermittent rating and nearly 19 ft.lb. of torque, you could run it on a simple 555 timer circuit, and/or fan cool it for a longer duty cycle. Although, for an fcg...the fan would likely blow the ghost around too, still wouldn't be capable of continuous duty, and therefore wouldn't be suitable imo.

That style of gearmotor is very quiet though, so noise isn't a concern unless the gears are extraordinarily badly machined and have a lot of gear lash. As far as worrying about running a 110 VAC prop & having someone getting electrocuted...you wouldn't have an FCG, or any high torque crank driven prop anywhere near the ToT's reach anyway. To do so, would be an open invite to someone doing something stupid, and you being stuck at the business end of a liability lawsuit. However, just to point out: A small minor shock is of no concern next to getting (a) finger(s) badly pinched and/or severed.

Besides which, every outlet should be on a GFCI protected circuit for safeties sake. If it isn't, get a GFCI pigtail like below, and your worries about electrocution become nearly nil.

^ I have a few of these, and they work very well. :)
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