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Favorite type of prop?

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I was thinking about the kinds of props I like and want, and I've realized what I like most. I generally prefer smaller props. They're usually more versatile than life size characters, and generally more unique and inventive. But my favorites among these are the "household" props. These are the spookified household objects, and I can't get enough of them. I love the idea of the mundane being twisted to be scary, and how you can imagine what they might have looked like before being haunted. It's also why Iike doll props, as there are still touches of the original innocence in the design. Some of the best, IMO, are the Skeleton Cameos, Skull Phone, Talking Cherubs, Haunted Mantel Clock, Medusa Bust, and all of the Haunted Dolls.
While I do enjoy a few "character" props (that is, props that speak words and have personalities, I wouldn't consider getting one, since it would break the subtlety I prefer and be harder to integrate into a scene or haunt. I find "mindless" props to be far too boring.
Static props, if used properly, can also be very creepy and powerful, but I prefer my "twisted everyday" decorations.
What about you?
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I tend to prefer basically the same types of props, particularly twisted toys. And, candleholders/candelabras are a major weakness of mine, so I end up adding new ones to my collection each year, despite certainly not needing any more (that I am going for a vampire's lair effect will be my excuse:D).
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