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Our new house has about 15 cedar trees in the backyard, and we can't wait to have our 1st annual "Boos & Booze" party in the backyard. I want to see if anyone has any suggestions for fun props that we can hang from the trees. I've come across a few that we're considering, and want to see if anyone has tried these or has any other suggestions:

- Packing Tape Ghosts monstertutorials.com/2015/03/27/ghost-1-how-to-make-a-packing-tape-and-trash-bag-ghost-tutorial
- Cheesecloth ghosts marthastewart.com/858108/cheesecloth-spirits
- Floating candles (led tealights, toilet paper tubes) harrypotterpartyideas.com/the-sets/creating-the-night-sky
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