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I just watched the Halloween episode of Happy Days, "Haunted." It's a favorite, and I remember it being one of the few Halloween eps of tv shows that actually scared me a little a bit as a child; I was 4 when I first saw it, and that headless lady didn't look quite so fake. haha. It's still in my top favorite Halloween episodes of all time. So what are your favorites? And why do you love them? Did any really freak you out? Which ones do you watch over and over?


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3, 2, 1 Contact had a minisode of The Bloodhound Gang that involved a headless woman鈥檚 ghost out in the back yard of a home... that thing got me good when I was a young-n.

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Happy Days - such a cool Halloween party!
The Brady Bunch
The Jeffersons - that rabbit!
LaVerne and Shirley - that house! I remember the dust from the couch!

Garfield's Halloween
Rugrats - love how they have multiple episodes for one holiday! They understand that one Halloween isn't like the others! Always wanted a Reptar bar to turn my tongue green.
Hey Arnold!
The Fairly Oddparents - the song is so fun!
Danny Phantom
Spongebob Squarepants
The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror - some are better than others
Halloween is Grinch Night - the trippiest scene EVER...but it's so good!

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I only saw that Happy Days Halloween episode for the first time a year or two ago....Found it by accident....Loved every minute!....One of my more modern favorites was a show that didn't stay on air very long called Rodney....I watched the Halloween episode when it originally aired and loved the practical jokes.....Here it is!....ZR


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Not a regular viewer or anything, but I really enjoyed The Amazing World of Gumball's Halloween episode. Here's a scene from it:


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There was a really great King of the Hill episode where a bunch of wet blankets were trying to get Halloween cancelled, and Hank took a stand in favor of Halloween.

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Toon version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Halloween is Grinch Night
Garfield Halloween

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Kind of spoiled since I grew up in the 90's:
Home Improvement(Both were staples to kick off the halloween season)
Charlie Brown(of course)

Halloween is Grinch Night- I had this on VHS I grew up with it and actually preferred this over grinch stole christmas
Hocus Pocus- Alway rented this movie when it was not halloween season always loved it, kind of crazy how much the fandom grew over time.

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We had to leave the Drive In when the Nutty Professor started to change. At home, watching the witch in The Wizard of Oz and her monkeys was so frightening I had to hide behind my sister.

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As a Gen Z/ Millenial I loved CN's Scary Godmother! I mean the animation hasn't aged too well, and it gets a little awkward. However, I grew up with that cartoon along with Halloweentown series. Also found this lovely movie that was on ABC family years ago called the Midnight Hour. It came out around the same time as Disney's Mr. Boogedy (highly recommend that one too, it's very cheesy and has John Austin in the cast). Linking some of the trailers below.

The Midnight Hour
Mr. Boogedy
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