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favor/prize ideas for those having a zombie themed party

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Hey all! Like I said in my first post, I'm favor obsessed so I wanted to share a favor idea that i did for my first Halloween party last year! I didn't have a theme last year but zombies are obviously a halloween staple so I thought zombie survival kits seemed like a good idea! I plan on spending 10 dollars a person on favors and usually do one favor per couple which gives me a 20 dollar budget per couple but if you don't want to do favors it would still be a great prize for a costume contest or any games you may have! I used ckb products which is a wholesale company but you could also use dollar tree items. I put in a flashlight, a switch knife (which on cbk you can get 5 dozen for 30$), a lighter, batteries, a slim jim, a poweraid mix paket, a foil heat blanket (which comes in the size of a hand wipe packet), and a mini first aid kit. All together it was less than 10 dollars a person and everyone loved them. One couple said they threw it in the back of their car for an emergency kit!
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That's a great idea! I'm having a zombie party this year. I don't do favors but I do prize bags for costume contest winners. I was going to give a copy of Zombieland and some candy, I like the idea of adding some survival items.
Yea you could even fit all of that stuff in a mason jar or somrthing of similar size! Zombieland and a survival kit would be an awesome prize!
Machetes are pretty cheap, aren't they?
Lol I'm sure you could buy them in bulk from somewhere!
You GOTTA include those candies or splatballs/squishy toys shaped like BRAAAAAAINS!

Then there are these:
I just got my zombie party pics up a week or so ago. I went just a leeetle overboard with favors. You might find some ideas.

They're near the end of the album, here: http://imgur.com/a/Fa9Rc

I did brain-shaped soaps, blood-splattered candles, candy MREs, etc.

EDIT: looks like I did put some of the pics on my album here (see sig), so you only need to click on the above link if you want to see everything.
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Wow those are amazing! A person after my own heart <3 a good favor just makes my day!
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