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Hmmm... what a fun idea! I like your suggestion of maybe tying the fryers to a ticket amount, so that you encourage people to play some of your games. As far as a display goes, maybe you could make a "Redeem Tickets Here" stand and the majority of the fryers can stay in their boxes displayed around, on or behind the stand. I'd probably wrap them up in a creepy way.

Then, have one opened as your display. Maybe put some fake eyeballs onto the skewers & have them sticking up out of the fryer. Maybe even some bones or bugs coming out of the fryer too, to make it look full of gross things you can cook.

As far as making it tie into the fried food on a stick theme, maybe attached to the wrapped boxes you can post a card that has an image of your Carn-Evil on the front, and on the back, you could think up a saying or rhyme that says they can recreate the Carn-Evil recipes at home. Then post a recipe for something they ate at your party that they can cook in their new fryer.

Welcome to the forum! Hope to see photos of your party!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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