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Hi everyone,

I decided this year to make some columns for the front of my fence line and I wanted to have skulls that looked like they were bronze castings on the front of the columns. I liked they way they turned out so I thought I would show you the painting steps.

In preparation I cut off the back of the skull and cut a piece of foam to fit in the hole to make a flat back surface to glue it to the column I made. I added some faux candles out of PVC and hot glue. I then painted it black with flat exterior paint. After this I used craft paint (the 59 cent stuff from Micheal's) for the rest of the layers.

I then used the dry brush technique but with more paint than normal, to heavy coat it in bronze. I also added some rush FX under the skull on the faux stone work:

Wall Skull Art Glasses Metal

Next I used Frog Green lightly dry brushed on over the bronze:

Green Wall Skull Art Bone

Next I layered on Sea-foam Green, combo of painting it on heavy and dry brushing. Wanted to leave the dark low levels in place:

Skull Green Bone Wall Skeleton

Then the lightest dry brushing of bronze again to make highlights and I added UV painted eyes and cracks:

Street art Art Wall Visual arts Illustration

Here is the final result with the candle having 3 layers of dark gray added:

Art Illustration Skull Still life Bone
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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