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Family Friendly halloween party?

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Last year, I threw a huge adults only Halloween party (Carnival of Carnage). This year, the kids want in on the Halloween party too ( and to be honest, I'm ready for a more responsible type of party). Last year's decorations included lots of blood and gore. This year, I need to scale it back. Any thoughts on how to still throw a great party and have great decorations while keeping it family friendly (ages newborn-adult)? I want it to be still really cool for adults and not scare the kids. Plus I live in a townhouse now so the scale of my decorations has changed a bit. Any tips would be appreciated !
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Do an inventory of items you might already have that can be considered mildly spooky before buying new props like crows, simple ghosts, cats, etc. I agree that the overall mood should be spooky and not scary. A vintage feel like the one posted above is a great example. Kids love jack o lanterns so you may want to have a 'carve (or paint) your own pumpkin' table for kids and adults. :)
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