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Fake Rocks

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Has anyone had any experience making any sort of fake rock for speakers and lights? Want to cover up speakers and lights but keep it hidden!
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There has been a number of tuts for making fake rocks for spotlight and speaker covers, have you tried doing a search
Ya sadly to no avail. The search system on her is tough sometimes.
I remember getting this picture from halloween forum, not sure who did this project.

Textile Linens Floor
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I made one to use as a fogger hide... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1410912652464951.1073741839.1388674124688804&type=3

First year I set a pumpkin on it. Last year I piled skull on and around it to further hide the fogger as I used it in a more open area as the fog source for my cauldron creep's fogger.
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