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Fake Human Skin

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I want to go with a little over the top gore.
I am going to have a butcher room with an actor as Leatherface.
I already have a kicking body bag, a pneumatic sit up hacked up body, and lots of body parts.
The final thing I want is some fake human skin hanging.

Does anyone have any idea how to make fake human skin.

I want gore!!!
I mean flesh with dripping, oozing meat and blood.

Any suggestions ?
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Use thin fabric painted with flesh colored latex paint, after it has dried you can add "blood" and anything else you want.
How about one of those chamois , used to dry cars. If that's no good I would say fine leather. If you have a place near you that makes stuff out of leather , try to score some free scraps.
You could just paint latex on a pane of glass or piece of metal to the desired shape, peel it off, and gore it up to your heart's content
I was going to say what Mr Chicken said!
I use a sheet of plexiglass. Just remember to powder the latex before and during the peeling, (with talc) or you'll have a stuck together wad of latex instead of a sheet of skin.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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