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Fake/gel body to pound a stake into.

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So my family does a big murder mystery party each year. but these are the typical murder mystery. We have an abandoned property that has actors, clues, and objectives for the guests to interact with. This year we are thinking of having a vampire theme. In which we would like the guests would hammer a stake into a body/vampire. Does anyone know of a gel or something that would some what heal? We usually have 5-6 groups that play, and would like each group have the chance to open a coffin and place a stake into the dummies heart. It would be awesome to find something that had some resistance, but that would close up once a group had left.. Any ideas?
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Just speculating here, but I'd think that upholstery foam might work for your intended purpose?
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Check out 3D archery targets at Cabelas or Bass Pro etc. They make all kinds of animal targets that can absorb thousands of hits. They even make replacement vital areas for them, the replacement parts are fairly inexpensive and would work great mounted in a dummy. Otherwise a standing bear target has an approx human shape and could be modified for the body.
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