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fabric to camoflauge a ceiling.

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Is there such a thing as a type of fabric that is covered with strings, or rope.... something that when put up near a ceiling the string or rope or whatever is on it would hang down.... people would have to walk through it ?
I thought about making something with chickenwire and then attaching "stuff" to it, but MAN that would be labor intensive if there was a larger area to cover.

Anyone seen anything like this that you can buy?
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I seen the stuff that Night Scream had at Transworld ! It was awesome! I have always wanted something like that and was glad to see that it was available. I should call them about it but I have a feeling that the cost will be way over my head. I was hoping that someone mught know of a cheaper alternative.:(

What I thought about doing is attaching chicken wire near the ceiling and then tying on string and rope all over the place. I guess I will need to keep the area small or I will be tying on string from now till halloween ! :)
Great ideas..... We are using a few of these ideas already, like the chainlink, pipe, camo netting....
I like the burlap and the cheese cloth ideas.... we have used those before but not to the extent that I need with this effect. Guess I just need to add MORE!
so what is struck through your camo netting.... looks like a jute or something? That looks really cool!

We have ended up with the camo netting in 2 rooms. Another room is covered with burlap and had strips of it hanging down. Another room has a black netting stuff that we let loops down and hang. Someone donated that to us and we just couldnt figure out what we were going to do with it... It actually turned out great. Really have 1 room left to work on and we should be set. This last one will probably take us a while to set up so we still have our work cut out for us.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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