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<Clean up & add/update mod notes 02.08.2016>

M O D D I N G:

Version of this broken Mod Tutorial: (MOD Tutorial sugg'd by Larry 09-03-2009)

vBulletin Forum Moderation Tutorials

vBulletin Moderators Guide



Great question. Infractions are warnings. Before using them the first coulple of times, you may want to double-check. People WILL get pissed when they receive an infraction (which way may want to find a new name for). If someone gets 2 points from infractions, they are temporarily banned from the site.

If they do it to attempt to be more than one person, it is lying. BUT if someone has two accounts for a reason like: Representing a web site, but then wants a personal account (because they cannot talk about certain things from work) then it is ok.

As an individual...no..not really. But one as a company and then another personal etc is acceptable.

Let me know if you come across this (for sure)
MODS can now ban 03.2010:

Banning a Spammer - W/Forum Posts: Per Larry 07.11.2012 "When you ban someone... the easiest way is to click on one of their posts and go to the moderation tools button and click "Delete as spam" . Then the one trick is to make sure to put a check mark to delete all of their other posts too. If you do not check that additional one, the other stuff will not be deleted. Then finish the ban mini-wizard thingy."

(..prev...) "The easiest way to ban is to find a post (u can always look at his profile and statistics then find posts) then delete as spam. Then it will give an option to ban. If someone is no doubt a spammer then we ban. If not 100% sure then warn. Thanks!" - Larry

Banning a Spammer - =NO= Forum posts: per Larry 03.05.2012 : "The script lacks some things that would be good for visitor message spam. It is a bit complicated. For the moment, if you see visitor message spam on someone's profile, please ! report it so I will be notified and I will delete all their messages and kill the account. May have to find a way to alter permissions where new peeps cannot do that."

NO Animated pics as AVATARS OR SIGS: "Animated signatures and avatars are against the rules. There is profile pics that are only viewable in profiles that can be animated. ... Rules updated" - MOD thread 09.05.11:

Not sure why this happened, however there were was a notice function that was not showing the rules as it should. Those were updated version of the rules.

I just updated the rules post with the FULL rules that should have been there.

Correct. No animated avatars. It has been in the rules for a few years. It probably was not visible from the upgrade through just now.

The reason for it is if anybody has ever been to a forum that allows them, you know why. FLASH FLASH FLASH...where is the content?

Animated .gifs OK in POSTS: "Hi, animated graphics can be in posts, but never in signatures. " - Larry

As COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT goes, we only remove if we get a complaint per Larry 04.05.2012

We stay with our policies. The ISP power grab is not necessarily good for small sites to adopt. Once we "police" and approve and disapprove then liabilities actually increase.

If we act as a common carrier of info and act when we become aware of things then we have multiple layers of legal protection as long as we remove copyrighted material within 72 hours of being confirmed as a violation.

As laws evolve, we may need to change. We may also need to address the music section and get rid of any blatant things... but as far as I know we need to still "stay with the program".
ALSO RE: COPYRIGHT: Reposting (from other sites) is copyright infringement

reposting is copyright infringement and is in the rules. He is probably doing this for SEO for ad revenue. I am killing his account.
Ind. Seller v. Merchant Seller: "You are considered a merchant if you are selling anything that was not used for your own use. If you are selling anything in quantity, you will be considered a merchant." - Larry

ALSO Re: Anncmnts & Merchants: "Someone cannot post in the merchant section twice within 30 days. Someone cannot post in the announcement section within 30 days. They can post one then the other as long as it is not the exact content within the same 30." - Larry 03.18.2011

SOFT delete only plz: "When moderating, please ALWAYS ALWAYS soft remove. Please NEVER NEVER NEVER permanently remove the thread." - Larry

Never Pin or Sticky a Thread: "Please NEVER NEVER NEVER stick or pin any thread. If there is one that you really think should, please get with me first. " - Larry

Poster looking for people to contribute content for their website/blog: "That is a commercial announcement (re: post: http://www.halloweenforum.com/annou...5813-looking-blog-contributors-tutorials.html ). Any requests to help with any other site must go into announcements (that way also he can only announce it once)." - Larry ALSO: A BLOG (INCLUDING *TUMBLR) IS NOT CONSIDERED A COMPETING FORUM * TUMBLR

CRAFTS subsections: Painting (art/drawings not designs (prop design, haunt layouts, party invitation)), Dolls, Clay, Papercraft, Floral, Needlecraft, Other

Tutorials: If it is a video, as long as you can view it while remaining on HF.COM (the video is embedded), then it is o.k. in Tutorials. They must be viewed from here. 03.09.11

Chat is secondary to Forum posting

altlab Hotlinking tutorial

eBay FYI: "A red door icon next to a seller's user ID indicates that the seller has an eBay Store." eBaystore [email][email protected][/email]


TO POST VIDEO: FG 02.2016; similar to previous:

Basically, go to the youtube page that the video is on, copy the address in the bar (don't use the embed features from youtube) and come back here, and paste the url into your post (AS BELOW, W/O BLANKS). You don't have to do anything here - just paste it in where you type.

[url_=_"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOunFd9vD6s&feature=related"]YouTube - ‪Monster House‬‏[/url]

TO TRANSFER MGR OF SOCIAL GROUPS (Frankie's Girl 07.09.11):

If you go into the group, at the bottom is a bunch of links that say:

Leave Group - Edit Group - Delete Group - Pending & Invited Members - Manage Members - Transfer Group
You can go into Edit Group and check the settings, and Transfer Group asks for the name of the member, and it will send them a PM that they respond to and will automatically make them the group manager. The rest of them should be pretty easy to figure out. :)

"Editing Titles changes bookmarks" - Larry 01.25.201

Other MODS

JDubbuya steps down 08.2012

Editing a Poll (thx to FG): The "edit poll" is on the right side across from the title of the poll itself where it says "view poll results" (you don't have to go into the "edit thread" part - it's just there when you click into the thread).

Invisible Mode: "In the user/cp > edit options: Near the top is a 'use invisible mode' check box. Unorthodox 04.17.2011
Also: *MF 03.03.2011

"Do not worry about social groups that much right now. We can go on complaints for those. It is all good." Larry PM 04.04.11


(f-u-c-k) ****ity ****ers ****ing ****wit ****ed (s-h-i-t) ****head

Ok, this is how the above listed curse words currently appear. We should let these appear as is, correct? Also, we're only to warn them if they do it multiple times &/or are excessive about it? ...answer...

If someone curses, they are breaking the rules. The filter blocks the words so kids don't see. If someone curses once....ahh...we could probably let them slide unless someone complains. If they continue then they are not respecting the rules and we should address.

That was one of the posts she said that she did not like and the one that did push her over the edge. She was very sensitive about the subject overall (which I understand).

Religion and politics are horrible subjects for a forum, but since Halloween has a strong religious background, discussions have to be allowed, but direct attacks are bad and always against the rules.
She said that she would still lurk. Hopefully she comes back soon.


Larry's contact info 10.14.2009:
Responded to a text to the below cell ph# 02.09.2016
FYI: Just in case there is an issue with the site. (for more than a couple of minutes.

My off server email is [email protected]
Home/Office phone: 702-227-0602
Cell phone: 702-756-3974

This is emergency contact info for me and is private

Thanks :)

Larry's email 11.14.2006:
I am currently seeking a sole investor who wishes to invest in this site as well as this network.

If you are an investor and would like more information, please contact me at [email protected]

Serious Inquiries Only
Thank you,
Larry McKenzie

Ouch :[ Admin ill


Halloween Guru was given an infraction 12.16.2015

A Great Pumpkin
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fig'g out what's acceptable

Per Larry 10.14.2012: "I added a few more curse words to the filter including (a-s-s-h-o-l-e and azz....) This will only affect future posts." Full thread here.

Per Larry 05/02/2012: Offensive or bad language material posted needs to have a warning. (Outright posts of just cursing still not ok?)

Per Larry 9.20.10: "Yeah, damn is ok. I would not worry about that. Thanks!! :)"

Also per, "if it's o.k. on Nick @ Night": bastard, b.i.t.c.h., son of a b.i.t.c.h. & LMFAO is allowed too.


**** s.h.i.t.

******** b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.

**** f.u.c.k.

******* f.u.c.k.i.n.g.

**** c.o.c.k.

***** w.h.o.r.e.

***** p.e.n.i.s.

******* a.s.s.h.o.l.e.


***** b.i.t.c.h.

Jesus Christ


**** c.u.n.t.

***** p.u.s.s.y.

mother****er motherf'er

cooze, twat, schlong, donger, scat, feces, anus, balls, cocksucker, piss, tits


[strike]strike check[/strike]

[BLINK]can u see it blink?[/blink]



UPDATE 10/2012


Gen Cursing 04.2011
Larry 09.09.2009, Cursing in Sig MOD 05.08.2010, MOD 10.2010
Remove Cursing from title - Larry 10.2010
No Swear Words in Videos - MOD 10.2010

A Great Pumpkin
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The record for most Forum members online was set last year in April 2014. We have over 50K in members, and it would be great to see that old record fall, especially on Halloween. Though I know everyone will be busy today, if you could sign in sometime mid-day (12 noon for west coasters is 3pm for east coasters I believe) and stay signed in, we may be able to set a new record.

Also, to all our lovely guests, I hope you'll consider registering and joining us! :D

So please, jump on and let's do this! Check out all the great discussions, share stories or photos, get or give last minute advice, or simply enjoy some awesome Halloween Radio, but join us so we can set an all new record. Happy Halloween!!
Put in Off Topic & try running again in the week/days before 2016 Halloween.
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