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Expanding foam - not so good .

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Has anybody besides me , used/tried the expanding foam called "
TOUCH 'N FOAM MAX FILL ( which , FTR - is the earth friendly version of GREAT STUFF foam . ) It comes in a silverish and green can .
Now for the conclusion that I came up with about it .

first , the plus's

a) it dries/hardens smooth , without any "intestines" look
b) of course , the obvious - Earth friendly , even the can is recyclable .
c) it DOES expand a LOT better than GREAT STUFF

now, for what I found to be bad .

1)it does NOT stick like the other stuff as good .
2) if you add a smidge of water for it to cure faster , it odesn't change the cure time , BUT , if you wanted to make it stick .. now it won't stick AT ALL . nada , zilch , zero .

Now , what do others here think about this item ? I know , myself , I am gonna stick with GREAT STUFF , if it needs to stick in addition to expand .

( have not tested/checked the painting part , or chemical reaction to certain thinss yet .... Also , have not checked it for melting - after its cured . )

Any additional input ?
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Around Halloween last year, I needed to foam my (over 200) skulls, for the expanding foam is what holds them on my pikes.

I have a monthly budget, and had delayed purchase of the foam till October, as it was not a priority, thus 3 days before Halloween saw me hitting the store in search of Great Stuff.

EVERYONE was out, but there was this Touch 'N Foam Max fill.

It was cheaper than the Great Stuff, so I figured what the heck.

1.) I had no troubles with it adhering to the plaster skulls. Stuck just fine. I'm guessing your problem was with a non-pourous surface?

2.) It DOES expand more than Great Stuff, which meant fewer cans needed to foam my skulls. Major plus for my use.

3.) Here in Utah, humidity is typically near 0%, and spraying a bit of water on it did speed the expansion great. I would assume there's some max humidity where it wouldn't.

What I found challenging with working with the stuff:

When dry it is MUCH more rigid than Great Stuff, and has virtually no 'spring'. Great stuff, I can jab a pole onto it, and it's spongy enough to hold in place fine. This stuff would just bore a hole right through. This might actually be an advantage if you wanted to shape the stuff, but I had to pre-drill guid holes and be very gentle with impaling the skulls. I'm also expecting to need to re-foam those holes this year.

So, I think it has it's uses, but is definitely a different material one would need to practice and get used to.

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I like it and use both TNF and GRSTF. The TNF seems to cure much faster so thats a plus, and it is more rigid, which is good for some applications. I used it to repair to some foam heads, and its good because I can drill out the repaired area to put PVC junctions into it so I can attach it to a body. I used to just ram the head onto the pvc or bamboo stake.

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I use great stuff for a lot of my guts and all around gore,I like it cause you can paint it and it wont melt.be extreamly cautious,it is a low lying gas and very flammable!I was about 8' from a space heater and...well I learned a lesson that day.
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