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I don't know if this would work for your situation but our very first year we didn't have enough money for lots of big sets and hundreds of walls so we decided to do a haunted woods. I found a 50 acre property that had been for sale for years. I offered the owner 10% from each ticket sale to use the land and the owner accepted. Our only expense for the actual property beyond the 10% of ticket sales was that we had to get liability insurance for the property owner and we had to rent some equipment to clear off a parking area and help make the trail in the woods. You would of course still have all the normal expenses of running a haunt but not having to come up with thousands of dollars up front to rent a property is a big plus. It was a win/win situation for us both. I got 3 months use of the property for no money up front and the owner made some quick cash for doing absolutely nothing and got some free maintenence on the land. The only headache was that we had to completely remove all traces of the haunt after the season ended but you would have to do that anyway if you got involved in a short term lease somewhere.
Our business arraingment with the owner worked out so well that we were able to do the show for 3 seasons on the property before it finally sold. I don't know if you could work out this same deal with a warehouse type property but it wouldn't hurt to investigate.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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