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Executioner Prop Info

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There were multiple people asking about the Gemmy Executioner prop that will be available soon at http://www.spirithalloween.com
(not yet available at the time of this post)

I believe that this is exclusive to Spirit Halloween.


H" x L" x D" - 70.87 x 38.58 x 17.72 " 6ft Tall

Eyes Light Up Red

Head Moves left to right

5 sayings are:
•"Your next", (followed by a sinister laugh)
•"Some of you will find me on the cutting edge"
•"Let's cut to the chase"
•"It's just a little slice of life"
•"You know what they say, 'The first cut is the deepest'"

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I agree gemmy does have it's place for sure, but since i have started building my own props i dont think i would ever really want to buy one of the big figures. I'm not saying that to bash gemmy because i do like them, but for the money i know i can do way way better. I personally do not really like the executioner, i think he looks to comic bookie, But the dead lift zombie looks like it has potential, it will all depend on the price. If it is too expensive, then i will just build my own.
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