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Executioner Prop Info

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There were multiple people asking about the Gemmy Executioner prop that will be available soon at http://www.spirithalloween.com
(not yet available at the time of this post)

I believe that this is exclusive to Spirit Halloween.


H" x L" x D" - 70.87 x 38.58 x 17.72 " 6ft Tall

Eyes Light Up Red

Head Moves left to right

5 sayings are:
•"Your next", (followed by a sinister laugh)
•"Some of you will find me on the cutting edge"
•"Let's cut to the chase"
•"It's just a little slice of life"
•"You know what they say, 'The first cut is the deepest'"

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I wish I had the time to build home made animatronics. There are some really great vids here of the accomplishments of those of you who are skilled at applying this technology. But my work barely enables enough time for the construction of the Haunt.

So I like to start with, or include store bought stuff into much of our haunt. I buy my life size Gemmys on sale and then try to customize them to fit my scenes. For example, Frank with the bare brain wasn't "Frankenstein" enough for me, so I added a flat top skull cap and added a slit big enough to show the red brain light through.

Anyway, I like the look of the executioner and he would fit well in my Dungeon of death. Hope I can get a coupon for spirit store before Halloween.

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Buying a Germmy mechanical prop is a gamble , my friend has the Jason and he's awsome. I would like to see them do Micheal Myers .
I have:

  1. Life size caged skel that screams and shakes - jaw works - my oldest and one of my most popular Gemmys almost 4 years old and worked great when I put it away last year.
  2. Dr.Shivers - a store demo I bought for less than $100 because his head would not turn. All else worked great. Three years old and worked as I bought him when I packed him away last year.
  3. Franky - about a year old. Worked great when unpacked last year and worked fine until sometime during Hallween night, when his sound stopped. Haven't tried to fix it yet, just packed it away. I built an operating table for him and I really don't care if he talks - Shivers is about a foot from him talking away. BTW, my son told me that while I was taking a break in the house last year, a drunk biker (neighbor had an eviction party - about demolished the inside of the house that was reposessed) walked up and started punching Franky .... a very likely cause for his malfunction.
  4. Witch stirring cauldron - about a year old. Big hit. Fun prop. Everything worked well when packed away.
  5. Witch with skel head in globe. Bought used on ebay. Nothing worked when arrived. Got a BIG refund. Worked on her until she would go through motions, and finally she talks about 50 % of the time. I changed her face so that she doesn't look like the stirring witch and they will be 2/3 of a witches coven this year.
  6. Hanibal the Canibal - Must have been a tough year for Spirit, I was able to combine two coupons and a sale about three days BEFORE Halloween to pick up Han - see my avatar. He was a great addition and big hit. Everything worked great until packed away.
  7. After Halloween I bought Harry the Headlifter - full size - from Wallmart.com for $39.00 with free shipping. Could not pass him up at that price. Not sure what I'll do with him yet, but he'll be under a roof for sure.

My tips for Gemmy ownership ...
  1. Handle them with as much care as possible. This is difficult sometimes because they can be hard to colapse for storage or release for display.
  2. Never colapse or release with the head on.
  3. Always colapse on a level suface.
  4. When releasing for display, push down on the shoulders and press the release button a GENTLY as possible.
  5. Be patient when releasing or colapsing
  6. Always make certain the head is treated with extra care and stored in bubble wrap, not able to bounce around in the box.
  7. Treat the base with as much care as possible - don't slam to the ground or drop to the ground from any height.
  9. Store in a dry, moderate temperature environment.

my 2 cents FWIW
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