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Executioner Prop Info

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There were multiple people asking about the Gemmy Executioner prop that will be available soon at http://www.spirithalloween.com
(not yet available at the time of this post)

I believe that this is exclusive to Spirit Halloween.


H" x L" x D" - 70.87 x 38.58 x 17.72 " 6ft Tall

Eyes Light Up Red

Head Moves left to right

5 sayings are:
•"Your next", (followed by a sinister laugh)
•"Some of you will find me on the cutting edge"
•"Let's cut to the chase"
•"It's just a little slice of life"
•"You know what they say, 'The first cut is the deepest'"

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Not sure why people get jazzed up about these Gemmy figures. Cheaply made stuff that inevitably breaks down, and then try to fix them or get parts and you're SOL. The majority of these I've seen at Halloween stores are broken after only a few hours of display use. It's your money but for $200+ I'd spend it elsewhere. The thing kind of looks like it was in the "Shrek" movie. Not very scary.
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