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Hey party throwers...

I hold a big party every year in a hall and usually have 100+ guests. I usually send out "Save The Date" items for about 30 of my closer friends (last year I sent Voodoo Dolls)
In the past years I have sent Evites for the entire guest list out since it is easier to organize who is coming and who is not. I always sort of struggled with the bad interface, but i didn't know of any other options.

This year is worse than ever with it not saving your changes or changing colors, pics or fonts when prompted to do so. They also got rid of the ability to have music play or post videos or slideshows.

So Evite stinks and was wondering if you other party throwers use something else. Someone recommended Socializr to me and i may go that route.

Any help would be appreciated!
Keep up the good work,
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