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This is Evil Dave's definitive two-disc collection of Halloween music I intend to play out my window for the trick-or-treaters on All Hallow's Eve:

(First CD)
This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Xmas soundtrack)
Phantom of the Opera Overture
Halloween (from the John Carpenter movie)
Ghostbusters (kids' sung version)
Tales from the Crypt theme
Monster Mash
Time Warp (kids' sung version)
Haunted Mansion theme from the Disney ride
Witch Doctor Song
Purple People Eater
Munsters Theme (Los Straitjackets)
Enchanted Forest (spooky effects from Mannheim Steamroller)
Oogie Boogie song (Nightmare Before Xmas soundtrack)
Beetlegeuse Theme from the movie

Note: four songs from Danny Elfman in the above collection.

(Second CD) a little darker music as I figure the little ones will be done and gone.
Halloween (Carpenter theme with scary effects included)
Tubular Bells
This is Halloween (Marilyn Mason)
Phantom of the Opera
Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell)
Psycho suite (Herrman)
Enchanted Forest 2 (Mannheim Steamroller)
Cloverfield Overture (from the movie of the same name)
Toccata in D Minor (Bach)
Theme from Twilight Zone
Theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Theme from Dark Shadows
Theme from Outher Limits
Incredible Shrinking Man theme (from the movie--have to pay homage to those sci-fi movies of my youth)

There are various spooky effects interspersed as well.

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