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Halloween has always been a good, fun time for most of my years.
As an adult operating a year-round Haunted House I do have much enjoyment here, most of the time.
A few years ago I found myself unable to forget just a few bad customers who decided to show up here, but just denying admittance to screaming, staggering drunks has pretty much solved that nagging problem.
The local drunk who drove his truck to within mere inches of the side of my house, who then was refused entry, who later , along with some other drunk, were going to beat up my Wife and vandalize my car were lucky enough to have a young, very stupid "Policeman" say that he thought my Wife was egging them on, because as the "Officer" approached in the squad car, she was pointing at the drunks because the "Policemen" probably didn't see them.
She had called him, not the Drunks!

Reading this thread is indeed very genuinely sad on so many basic levels. I am sorry for all three of you. May next Halloween be much better, happier for you all.
I have never thought any less of someone because they are having problems.
"There but for the grace of God, go you or I". My Dad used to say this often and it is so true.
Good Luck to all.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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