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While cutting back on work in October is NOT an option and I don't do much building anymore, I can perhaps stage complete scenes and have the treat bags completed in late September. I'm really liking the idea of mitigating the sense of missing out by declaring a mini-Halloween in another month for some things.

Thinking March. ALL of March. I figure it's before outdoor yard and garden work starts and before spring cleaning.

My DVR already contains several Halloween programs I haven't had time to watch. Maybe March would be a good time to load the non-candy items into treat bags and box them so that I only have to drop in the candy in September. Same goes for building the 2020 audio SFX files. Here in SW PA, March will still be cool enough to curl up with a book of ghost stories in front of the fire.

Anybody have any good suggestions for Boo's March-o-ween?
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