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Estate of Panick

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I was in bed all day yesterday with either a cold, the flu or acute laziness and saw this cheesy reality show called “Estate of Panic” This was it’s 6th episode. It is hosted by the guy who played the tall British medical examiner on “Crossing Jordan” The premise is the contestants are locked in a room of a creepy mansion where they ransack said room looking for cash. Scary things are released into the room as the contestants are searching for the money.

At one point in last nights show they were outside in the estates cemetery.

The show was terrible but the props were great.

Has anyone else seen this?
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i have seen the show, i like watching it, i also like the show chase on just before the above mentioned show. estate of panic, well this show is just fun to watch. i would do it. i don't however care for the show scare tactics and i freak on fear factor. don't care to watch either of those.
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