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Entry Archway with Blacklight Bolt for Trick-or-Treater's to Walk Thru

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I built an entry archway for ToT that was a hit with young and old ToT's alike. Especially if they were wearing white because the black light bolt made them glow.

I got the idea of having them walk thru something that had depth to it from the Gemmy inflatables haunted houses. Mine is built like a PVC tank. I wasn't going to let this fall!

I stopped short of hanging fishing line to make it feel like walking thru cobwebs!


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Looks great! Everybody likes black light effects especially kids. Half the fun is when they finally notice that their costume is glowing too!
The hanging strips will really create a funnel feel especially if they're blowing around a bit.

One year I did my whole foyer in "glow in the dark" insects, skeletons, bats and crows. I attached them to all the walls and the ceiling with poster tack.
Then I mounted black light fixtures vertically in all the room corners. As soon as I opened the front door, it was like walking into a cave of glowing creatures.
The effect was pretty cool and young kids especially loved it. I even tied all the goodie bags up with a glow in the dark bug for them to take home. For weeks afterwards, even though I was sure I had removed them all, I would randomly find one glowing bug when I turned off the lights in the evening.
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Nothing cooler than having your costume glow - great idea.

Hope you don't mind - I edited your post to embed your video. You use the Filmstrip icon in the dialog box for that.
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