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Hey, all. First new thread for me. I've been looking around and commenting here and there. This is the first Halloween I have stepped up my game in a BIG way.

Our first group Halloween (family) was quite the hit. We were the cast of Rock Horror Picture Show and did flash mob dances to the Time Warp. The following year, we were a Zombie Horde. I took this year to build my first prop. I also started working on makeup.

Last year, the theme was Creepy Dolls. This year, the theme is a Circus.

I have already rented a tent for a Haunted Big Top walk-through.

For a permanent prop (one that I will use every year) I wanted to make an entrance Archway. I gound a great tutorial on here (can't find it now, but thank you to the Falling Leaves Cemetery)

I was lucky to have a couple sheets of scrap wood, one being OSB and got a sheet of 1/2" foam insulation.

Once the sign was put together, I wanted a nice way to hang it at the wnd of my driveway. I decided to make columns that resembled those on my front porch, so I too some reference photos

And I then made a template and built them from more of the scrap sheets. A lot of wood glue was used. I used joint compound on all the seams, then I sanded. The piece between the white upper column and the brick lower column is concrete and I made mine out of 2 1" thick pieces of foam insulation glued together. I attached this to the white upper column to set on top of the lower column. I cut a square of 1/4" OSB to fit inside the top of the lower column and then blued it to the underside of the column separator. This way, the column can be broken down easily.

The 'bricks' are made of 1/2" foam and glued on to the lower column. The column is then painted with Drylok. The upper columns are washed with various colors for 'age'.

Satin French Beige and random spray of Satin Cinnamon on the 'bricks'.

I added some Medium Brown to the random sprays.

The columns are 8'3" tall, giving over 9' of clearance underneath.

I have not yet completely assembled this yet, and won't until Halloween, but I am very happy with how this came out. I was going to add some sand to gray latex paint to make the 'mortar', but after seeing how it looks, I don't think I need it, especially once the sun sets.
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