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I am selling Psycho Trail the entire haunt is for sale. ever thing inside both 53 and 48 foot trailers, and some items in my garage and shed. . I am asking $20,500 for everthing. If you are interested or like more info please email me back.

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I am selling the Haunt as a entire package.

The trailers I lease and pay a monthly fee, the buyer can either take over the lease of the trailers or empty them and get rid of the trailers.. one is 53foot and 48 foot , plus some things in my garage and shed. the price does not include shipping you can always call me if you have any questions.

ticket booth.

one door panel

5, 4by 8 foot panels

2roof plywood with 20 , 1 by 3 bracing

I broke down by each attraction/ house

4, 18 in by 30 in rules signs

over a dozen no smoking signs

misc, 3/4in 10 foot pvc

over 75, 1 in and 3/4th inpvc pipes with tees use for q line

There are 76 black zombie walls 4by8 panels. (for all walls we use 3/8in plywood and 2by4s.)

8 pvc panel walls

5 actor doors panels

13 emergency door panel

Over 100 1by3s by 8 ft braces

six , 6 feet by 8 feet chain link panels

5 colored saw horses

30plus wood stakes

20 plus. 2 foot 2by 4s used for lighting

7 orange signs. different sizes used for parking, etc

5 green sand which boards signs used for parking and advertising

69 4ft by 8 ft chain link panels

35 , 55 gallon metal drums

5 plastic 55 gallon drums

guard booth

fountain pump

3 filing cabinets

3 metal shelves

brown sewer like 1 in pvc

4 fog machines, plus extra fog juice

13 different size fire enguinshes with bracket and signs

one zombie 6 foot static prop

over 25 different strobes light bulbs and fixtures

4 red beacons lights

3 colored light fixtures

2, 4 foot black light

2 18 in black light

4, red led exit sign/ light battery back up emergency signs

20 plus flood light fixtures with 90wat bulbs

misc body parts

4 caution metal signs

one attraction sign

28 sheet metal 2.5 feet by 8 feet

Clown house

3, 4by 8 ft panels use for clown stage

old vintage metal popcorn machine

one chuckles prop with 2 boxes he sits on

misc static clown props, hanging clowns props,

75 , 4by 8 foot clown walls, most are painted black back and most inside are painted in neon paint with different designs

2, 2by 8 foot clown panels

9 emergency door panels

2 red led exit sign/ light battery back up emergency signs

13 twin bulb black light fixtures 4 foot

8 misc colored bulb light fixtures

one clown sign

about 50 3 d glasses

one 10 foot post

15 flood light fixtures with 90wat bulbs

over 10, 8 feet neon pvc

over 30 1in by 3in by 8 foot bracing

one four by four colored plexy glass clown box


one outhouse with misc wood crates

four large wood fence about 6 by 8 feet

8 small fence wood

41 pallet panels

24 butcher panels

one actor door panel

3, emergency doors panel

5 shingled wall panel

one shingle door panel

one metal locker

3 wheel chairs.

wheel barrow

misc body parts and heads

misc knifes, pans, pots.

one metal sink with pump

over 20 5 gallon whit buckets

one attraction sign

over 10 flood light fixtures with 90wat bulbs

2 red led exit sign/ light battery back up emergency signs

over 30 1in by 3in by 8 foot bracing

2 chain saws

2 5 gal diesel containers

2, 5 gallon buckets of flat metal plates use to put up wholes

over 15 large size metal plates

1, 5 gallon bucket

of 1/2 and 3/4 in u brackets use for wiring

2 containers of 1/ 1/4 in screws

a container of 2 1/2 in screw and some 3 aqnd 4 in screw containers

ever thing we use to attached the entire haunt

over 150 feet of black cemetery fence made out of 3/4 in pvc

2 cemetery columns

a few misc tombstone

all of our costumes, masks, airbrush machine, misc hangers, makeup area chairs and table.

misc braces, stakes, 2by 4s,

misc extra light bulbs

misc extra props, static babies, and body parts

a gigantic roll of orange maybe 4 in think pvc use for under ground cables

theres alot more misc and smaller items.

over 40 rebar from 18 in to 4 feet and different thickness.

misc gallons of black, neon, white paints

about 2 gallons of insecpta shield

misc 18 gallon totes. misc plasctis shelf units

misc pieces of clear and neon pley glass 4ft by 4ft sheets

if you want to set up a meeting in person and discuss more please let me know

there are more pics on our facebook and website

also the township park where i had the haunt set up , can still be used for a haunt if the buyer is interested.

I know i wrote alot and my typing and description is not the best but its alot of stuff.

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Yea we set up some of out haunt at oaks back in 2012. I am selling for medical and family issues that have come up, and left me no other choice but to sell the Haunt. if you like more info please let me know
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