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Every weekend up until Halloween I will be having a contest!

Each weekend's winner will receive a 4 x 6 inch Halloween themed art print of their choice from my ebay shop: http://isellartprints.com

Answer the three Halloween Trivia questions I post each weekend and you could win!
To choose a winner, I will draw a name from those who entered. You have all weekend to enter the contest-I'll choose a name Monday morning.

Send your answers to: [email protected]

I decided to go with a pumpkin theme for this weekend's questions.

Here they are:

Question 1: The first jack-o-lanterns were actually carved turnips. Which ethnic group lit these first jack-o-lanterns to scare away evil spirits?

Question 2: What is a color other than orange that a pumpkin can come in?

Question 3: Which of my Halloween paintings have a jack-o-lantern face in them? Here's a link: My Halloween Paintings

Hint: Five of my paintings have jack-o-lantern faces in them.

A different winner will be chosen each week ~ Good Luck! :)

On Monday morning I will post the name of the contest winner and the answers to my questions.
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