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Im hosting a Halloween party this year at my house and was looking for ideas and such. I think the overall theme of the house wll be an enchanted mansion with a mad scientists laboratory.

So laboratory ideas and party entertainment are things that Im trying to get together before the big night.
I have this idea that I will select certain guests to help me pull some sort of a prank to make the night spooky for the Halloween party. I am thinking of doing it in murder mystery format. Exept it wont be played as a game by all guests. It will be acted out by certain guests. But Im not sure of a plot yet. I figure I will send out the spooky role each guest will have in their invitations and ask them to keep it a secret. Do you think this coupld be enjoyed by all guests? I dont know what else to do for enterainment.

Or another idea was to hire an illusionist to pose as a regular party guest and just creep people out. Although I doubt that one will happen.

Anyways if you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Oh and by the way there will be no alcohol and children will be in attendance. BUT I have ways to enterain kids its the adults that this will be for.

Thanks all :)
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