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Hola, hello, gutan tag, howyadoin!

Avon calling....

No really, another creepy pennsylvanian tryin' to get in on the act.
I've been outta the game for quite a few years but after the 2005 season when we visited my hometown and discvered that yes loretta....halloween is alive and well and you can do it AT HOME......that was all the imputus I required to get the blood goin', NPI. Since then we've done small displays here at our pgh area townhouse and a slightly bigger one back up in erie at me Mum's.

This year, which is only just now getting started, will find us back in erie so that mom's can be....THAT HOUSE...you know the one....and I have big ideas...and a good layout to work with. I want to make our first walkthrough, optional of course, complete with a witches shack entryway, a trip through a garage maze complete with motion triggered enclosed air props, followed by a cast of charactors in the backyard, weaving though a large garden cemetary with fully dug graves, a potential Horseman scene and a stop in at the slaughterhouse. Gotta get started! Look forward to speaking to ya'all.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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