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Elfman-esque Ambient Loop (free)

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Hello everyone! It's nice to see so many people contributing again this year!

For those looking for a track that loops, and is on the :rolleyes:friendlier side:rolleyes:, but still sounds like Halloween, check out my composition in an Elfman style arrangement. You can stream or download for free.

Halloween Time: According To The UNdead

Great for Haunted House queue, entry/exit; Trick Or Treat ambiance, party background.

Enjoy!: :cool::cool::cool:

5 min track

45 minute looping track
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Bad links.
They seem to work fine when I browse this thread as a guest. But I edited the post and tried linking again.
If it still doesn't work, you can also view these tracks from my website:

Hans Maestro Music
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All better now, thank you.
Hey, that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I can hear the similarities :)
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