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Electrical transformer Help!!!!

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Hi guys im stuck! I was wondering if you have any ideas on what the make the actual electric pole out of, I was thinkin a 2x4 then cylinders in front to make it drop. then i was thinking a scrim over chicken wire to make it round! Tell me any ideas to make it drop and how tall and how to anchor it, I also don't know where to drill the hole to run the air hose and cables out of transformer down the pole. Thanks

For those of you that don't know what i'm talking about go to this and watch the video!

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I'd look for some old telephone poles on craigslist...mount it using a hinge to a base of some sort and a cylinder from the pole to the back of a wall...
Use sonotube, hide the 2X4 and wires inside it. Ancor it with a cross section at the top and drill the transformer into it. Attach a piano hinge and another cylinder to make to drop.

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Thanks guys!!Industen I'm gonna go with your idea but how to a make it tip? fall or kinda like break in half?
I would secure it to the sonotube But have a 2x4 frame behind it. You would have to secure this prop in the ground. I have a few concrete couplers in the ground that every year I have to find under the grass. You could use 2x4 or 4x4 post guards or slides that you would screw this wood into every year.

At the top attach the cylinder to the sonotube and wood. Either cut a section out of the sonotube that will go with the cylinder when it moves or put the wood just a little over the top of the sonotube where it wouldn't interfer. Use hinges to make the transformer move. Use a big bore cylinder 1 1/2 to 2 inch, the stroke is up to you I would use a 4-6 inch. This would drop it around a 45-55 degree angle.

Also consider having a fail safe plan because of gravity. Maybe bungee cord it to the opposite side. Just add enough slack to keep it working but tight enough to help it move fluid
To make it break in half cut the sonotube in half. Not perfectly though. Then attach a cylinder to the top portion and then attach a smaller cylinder to the bottom portion. Time them so they both push out at the same time and there you go. Be sure to also secure the sonotube with rope from the opposite side just incase something goes wrong.
Industen im sorry but i still can't picture it! so this what i understand hinge the transformer to the tube so when the tube tips it will kick out a little? I also was thinking a 1 1/2 bore 4 inch stroke double acting? I still dont really understand how to make it fall over though so attach the cylinder inside the tube at the top, or should i have it at the bottom and have it kick up and then it would tip toward the ToT's, but i want it to kinda crack in half then fall towards the ToT's. Thanks so much for your help!!!
Cut the wood about 1/4 way down. Lay these 2 board and connect them like you didn't cut them.

Then you would attach the cylinder to this cut piece of wood. You would secure it so the cylinder is straight and fully extended. Instead of the cylinder extended you want it to retract when air is sent to it. This way the pole/transformer falls forward because it is pulling the hinge downward..
I'm really really sorry but is there anyway u can like quickly draw it in photo shop or sketch it? I really appreciate all the help but I do not understand? Thank you
Like this, of course you have to figure out a way to slip the sonotube over the 2x4. I think it would be easier to break at the top of the pole so the upper 1/4 section moves forward.

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thanks alot i think i might use that, so far using all the ideas this is what i came up with!
Thats what I tried to draw..art isn't my strong subject :) but be warned there will be too much weight on the end when it falls. The sonotube alone will not support that. You need to run some type of wood up the inside side of the sono.
yeah I plan to have a 2x4 inside as a support, thanks for all your help!!!

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