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Well, the 2009 season is upon us. It's usually around July that I start thinking about the big day, and this year is no different.

This is a problem, though, that has been plaguing me since H'ween 2008. Last year was our first year in the current house, and we ran into a problem. I'm hoping that someone here will have a relatively simple fix to the challenge at hand.

It seems that all of our outdoor outlets (the garage, the front porch, and the deck in the back yard) are all on the same circuit. Where it gets interesting is if you go to the basement and check out the breaker box - the circuit comes off the box and goes directly into a GCFI, then splits off to the various external outlets.

The result? You guessed it. I can run 4 flood lights and a fogger before tripping the GCFI, and leaving the entire haunt in the dark. This year I've got three 400W foggers, and I have decided that I definitely need more lighting - preferably more task oriented fixtures to focus on individual props.

Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to remedy my dilemma? I don't particularly want to bring an electrician in to wire a dedicated Halloween circuit, but I'm a visual geek and I need my lighting!

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You can always run some extension cords from different inside rooms out the windows.

Its an electrical code thing that all exterior outlets are required to be on a ground fault as well as those in bathrooms and on the kitchen counter depending on when the house was built.

You may want to change out the GFCI outlet as some times they can go bad or are over sensitive. Of course only do this if you feel comfortable and turn of the breaker in the box. Un hook one wire at a time and hook it to the corresponding location on the new GFCI
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