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I followed this awesome tutorial to build my electric chair - but added one more 1X8 at the bottom front so I could add manacles.

Here's the chair with the staining all done:

If you like this dark look here's how to do it:

I added Canyon Brown stain - and immediately lit it on fire.

This burns off all of the stain, leaving the wood a very cool dark color.

Here's a gate I built, that I used with this technique:

Next, I burned in leg marks on the bottom 1X8's, and finger-marks where the convicted gripped the chair.

Finally, I'll put a very light sheen of polyurethane on top, manacles, and the electrical top hat.

Building the chair took a couple of hours - but the staining itself was done in a snap.

Remember - apply, and then immediately burn it off. And have a hose standing near by as you do it outside.....

Got the 1/2 inch zune pex pvc set up for brain pan:

Here's an update...got the fry cap hooked up:

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