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Electric Cracker

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I want a single Electric Cracker for next Halloween.

I'd like to pay $30 or less shipped, and that would be no issue but every place I have tried wants $15 for shipping. Bringing the cost close to $40.

Any suggestions ?

Or, more likely, I am just too cheap. But as I would be using it just one night a year......
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Quick internet search and you will find plenty. I got mine from FrightProps and they worked great!
Yes, they do seem to have the best deal.

Its just that, without some additional discount, there is no immediate incentive.

Other than the likely possibility they will sell out when I really want one.

Well, mebe I'll sell something on eBay that will exceed expectations, and justify my small expense on a toy.


FrightProps is very upfront about these items having a limited lifespan.

I applaud them for that.
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They go on sale all of the time just sign up for their newsletters and get one then. I have SEVERAL, 1 of which is 3 years old and leave them outside during Halloween last couple weeks of October with rain, and they still work fine. Oh, and yes you are cheap :p
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Even a cheap customer is a customer.

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