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Now that the winged demon project is complete I am making an electric chair scene. The scene will have a three axis skeleton throwing a knife switch that executes an actor in an electric chair. the scene will be controlled by VSA, DMX and a medusa board. The skelly will tell the tots the crime and have them count down with him thrre-two-one. At that point the skelly will throw the switch, sparks will fly via an electronic fire cracker, strobe goes off along with fog simulating smoke and electrical sounds. After a few seconds all lights will go out and the skelly will tell them a fuse must have blown. The lights will come back on and the actor will leap from chair for the scare. At this point I just have to program the scene via VSA and test. Will post vids when done hopefully by this weekend.

EC controls.jpg

EC switch open.jpg

EC chair.jpg
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