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electric chair pneumatic cylinder....

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thinking about doing the electric chair prop this year and would like to know from owners/builders of the prop what kind of pneumatic cylinder i should use....not build ur own or screen door cylinder, but something that holds up under use....but yet not big $$$'s......would like to know diameter and stroke i need to make the prop look real...i saw this prop at a halloween convention and it was goulish and disgusting.....just what i need for a new prop.....cold corpses and visions of death yet to come to all.....shadow of death
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You would need a simple 1 inch bore double action cylinder with a 6 inch stroke. This is a simple prop to make.

Your body would have to be built very sturdy to hold up. If you can weld use springs in the head and arms to get that movement and attach to a metal frame. If not heat up some PVC pipe with a heat gun and insert the spring when it melts then wait for it to cool. Just mount the cylinder to the chair and attach to the character. Get a picoboo to handle the time delay and program the thrashes with button presses. Done!!!
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