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Easy inexpensive yard ghost

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I'm sure there is a thread about this somewhere but I couldn't find one. I'd like to make some inexpensive yard ghosts for the yard. I saw a DIY on utube I like using tomato cages that looks pretty easy but was wondering if someone had any other ideas on how to make them and had pictures or easy how to instructions. I just want something simple that won't cost an arm and a leg to make :confused:. Would appreciate any help!
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I made a ghost circle for pretty cheap. Don't have any pics and it's not up yet this year but only cost I had was the wooden dowels and plastic table clothes with are like $1 each.
Thanks. I think those ghost circles are really cute. I just don't know how to go about making one. What did you use to stuff the heads of the ghosts with?
You could also buy chicken wire at Lowes or Home Depot and make the ghostly forms yourself. Be careful it bites and you need to wear gloves.
I think we have some chicken wire. I might try that if I can't figure out how to make them from tomato cages. Thanks for that idea.
Thanks! Both of those sound like good ideas. I should have time this week to play around with those ideas.
Last year we shaped chicken wire (as mentioned above, wear gloves!) and then sprayed it with glow in the dark spray. She still glows when she gets a bit of sunlight!

My wife was a little careless with the glow in the dark spray paint so we have a spot around the side of our house that glowed like a radioactive swamp for months afterwards, so watch out for that too!
LOL.....That glow in the dark paint must be pretty good!
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