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EASY & Cheap: changing a torso prop into a life-size prop

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Last year I got a couple of the cheap torso props at Walgreen's -- one was a glowing Donna the Dead and the other was a green talking ghoul -- both were about $19.99. They were so nice and they were life-size torso's so I decided to turn them into life-size props -- after some deliberation, I took two extra-large size tomato cages that we were no longer using, turned them upside down so that the round top part of the cage was now the base, and I used gorilla glue tape to tape the tines to the torso creating a full size prop. It was just that easy!! I found I had to put a couple of bricks on the bottom of the cages to help keep them from blowing over in the wind. Then I went to our local discount fabric store and got a few yards of white satin and black cloth that had been discounted and used that to cover up the tomato cages. Here's a photo of the Donna the Dead torso turned into a life-size prop -- no one could believe that these were just cheap torsos that I bought at Walgreens!

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Heads and partial body

That looks great. I do it also with just the heads. You can usually add a piece somewhere to add a neck. Use a turtleneck. I did a guy that eats a rat. I made pvc body sitting on a chair. He was gross. I also did a donna one with pvc body and put nightgown on it looked great outside blowing in the wind. I do not know how to the mechanical stuff so I make it work somehow. I do not have pictures. I will be taking everything out soon. Making sure everything works and changing things around. I hope the rat guy still works, I want to put him in the pantry this year. I will have to take pictures early before everything starts .....as I always run out of time.
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