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I have received so much good advice from people on this forum, including instructions on building my cemetery fence. But when it came to finding a finial / topper for the fence, I wanted something different. Somehow I tried adding the bat stakes, found this 2015 year at the dollar store, to my PVC fence, and wham! I cut off the bottom of the stake to have the pole lay flat against the pvc and then alternated using the discarded bottom stake portion as a finial (I couldn't use the bat every stake because they were too wide anyway). I think the result is pretty good.

Dollar store bat stakes (they had spider ones too) - set of 2 = $1
dremmel off the bottom stake - save - glue black popcicle sticks to these so can insert into PVC
glue or zip tie the bat poles, alternating with the smaller black stake "finials" to fence pvc.

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