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East coast haunter's convention!

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I saw this last night on Reddit. I'm so excited!!

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Sounds interesting and little closer to me.
Yeah, it's a lot closer for me. I'm hoping it's at the expo center that happens to be 20 minutes away from my house!
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broevil, thanks for the post! that is super cool, its been close to 5 yrs since the "national Haunters convention" died
And Transworld should have enough resources to pull it off...
You're welcome!! I've been to other industry trade shows for work, and I took my daughter to many anime conventions, I'm stoked to go to something that I'm interested in! I'm sure it'll be a success, the Philly region is loaded with haunters 👻
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We got dates and venue.
:ROFLMAO: He has been talking about it non-stop since I told him! We have a few family events this coming weekend & I'm pretty sure no one is going to escape from hearing all about it, but that's fine by me. My husband and I think it's great that he's so passionate about Halloween - except of course our wallet takes a few exceptions!

He already told me I should book a hotel so we can "do the whole experience"! :LOL::LOL:💸💸
Hahaha that's great!! My son (13) will go but he's not nearly as into Halloween as I am. His BFF will most likely be going too. They'll have a blast together.
I'm feeling lucky that I only live 20 minutes from the expo center!
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