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Little Madison loved her Barbies and dreamt that one day she would grow up and become one. She loved them so much that she asked Santa for her to help make her look like a Barbie!!

On Christmas Morning she was so Excited she couldn't wait to see what he got her... One by one she opened her gifts a yummy meal of Lean Cuisine?? Slim Fast??? Diet Coke????? What in the heck??? THIS IS WHAT SANTA HAD GOT HER? She was completely disapointed and heartbroken . Where was her toys ? She reached down into her stocking again to find something odd, something shiny.... SANTA had left a knife... in a splint second she knew just what to do with that knife.... She was enraged.... She didn't want to be Barbie and have to starve herself to be a size zero or have to have surgery to be a perfect 10.... Oh Madison knew exactly what she was going to do with the knife.

Sorry for the inconvenience for the final ending and last pics of Madison getting enraged and Santa's present please look at Dying to be Thin part 2.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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