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DVD with scary scenes

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Hey all...where can I find a very scary DVD with clips like you would see on "the ring" (for example). I'm having a party in my basement and would like a looping DVD of scary clips and things that would make people a little freaked out.

I found "drews scary scenes" or whatever...but the reviews are that it's not very scary. I want some really freightening things..not necessarily gore...just scary.
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I had to make my own one year because I could not find anything like that at all! I included, the shinning "here's johnny", and the hallway scene. (for example). The quality wasnt as good as a professional because I got the clips from YouTube, but they served their purpose and my friends thought it was neat. Good luck and let me know if you do find such a thing.
Ok thx. I was really hoping to not have to do that. But I figured thats where I was headed. Thx for your reply. I'm goin to keep looking. Somebody will want ti take my money for help! Ha. I hope.
Are you familiar with the Animal Collective movie, ODDSAC? Here's a clip from it. Otherwise, you could consider a creepy silent film like Carl Theodor Dreyer's Vampyr.
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