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Dvd full of TV Halloween episodes

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Found this today at Hastings. I haven't heard anyone mention it and I know a lot of you like the Halloween episodes of tv shows. Just bringing it's existence to attention :cool:

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These are popping up every where! My store has them, seen them at Kmart and Rite Aid, as well as Family Dollar and Wal Mart!
Where you guys have seen them... is it the exact same one? Or does it have different shows on it?

I might have bought it if it had the Home Improvement ones.
It's been this exact one in addition to one or two others like it. Couldn't tell you exactly what was on the other ones though.
I tried searching the big chain stores that carry dvds. like walmart , target , best buy.
none have them listed.
I figure they may carry it . just not listed on their site.
thanks for mentioning you saw them at walmart and riteaid.

any one else seen this at a nation wide retailer?
I will add it to my list of stores to check tomorrow.
fred, as i stated above, it IS on amazon if you can't find it elsewhere.
does any1 kno if there's an official simpson's treehouse of horror collection ... ?

does any1 kno if there's an official simpson's treehouse of horror collection ... ?

There is this dvd with a few on it :


And it looks like you can pay to stream them on your computer but I have never found one with more than the dvd above.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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