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Dungeon/fantasy stuff

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I did another thread on this but thought I'd ask for specifics here.

Joined D&D group...want to be host to said group...and turn a spare room into a kick *** dungeon. I was thinking maybe I could make a cardboard back drop and paint it to look like a dungeon? Has anyone done this? Any tips?

And just fantasy stuff in general...magic/dragons/orcs/elves...stuff related to those things...

Got a small/tight budget so...dollar store DIYs are what I'm aiming for. I might buy a few things off Amazon or in a craft store if needed.

It's really just stuff to sit and look pretty...to set the mood for the group. Not stuff that's going to be handled roughly or needs to last for years on end.
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Hi AstorReinhardt,

glad to see you are looking for things dungeons, dragons, wizards - related !

Kind of been my theme for last 10 years :D

Art Architecture Street art Visual arts Graffiti

I try to make as much as I can each year: mostly out of scrap / inexpensive items.
I post some "how to's" each year under the threads Paxley's Haunted Castle(s)


If you see anything that might be useful, would be glad to help with instruct's.

good luck ! and have FUN ! ! ! Paxley
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